Total Resources International develops, manufactures, and distributes products that help secure your personal and family’s safety. We aim to promote overall health and wellness and encourage a good quality life.


Dependable, sensible, and accessible — our innovative array of First Aid and Emergency Preparedness solutions empower you to protect yourself and those you love.

Our flagship brand, Be Smart Get Prepared ®, is a complete line of First Aid and Emergency Preparedness kits for the following categories: Home and Family, Outdoor and Sporting Goods, Auto and Travel, Emergency Survival, and Industrial.

Our Silvex ® products use patented Nano Silver Technology to provide superior protection for your body, from the INSIDE OUT. Strengthen and enhance the immune system, your body’s first line of defense, with a daily supplement that actively fights and defends against pathogens. And protect skin and wounds for up to 3 days with a First Aid Gel that accelerates wound healing and prevents infection.

Covering up cuts and scrapes doesn’t have to be boring. Dress it up with Gotta Bandage? ® decorative sterile adhesive bandages!

Using a patented technology that effectively coagulates blood on contact, QuickSEAL® is safe, convenient, and stops moderate to severe bleeding in minutes. Prevent blood loss with our specialized gauzes and bandages, wound care kits, and fast-acting nosebleed plugs.

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